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Studio Unicps Pro Space

Studio Unicps Studio Unicps is a Dutch ethical fashion label with Unique Fair Fashion, one of a kind pieces, limited collections @ Arnhem, the Netherlands. They are known for their innovative sustainable unique collections, restyled & new created custom made unique-pieces & Fashion projects.

The designers & crew of Studio Unicps also have extensive experience teaching workshops in clothing design, customizing and re-inventing textiles with an eye for fashion, identity and the environment.

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      • Cotton Cap

        Cotton Cap

      • Rond Black Red Lace Bag

        Rond Black Red Lace Bag

      • Unicps Rice-Bag

        Unicps Rice-Bag

      • Grey/brown round bag

        Grey/brown round bag

      • Blue Gold Lace Bag

        Blue Gold Lace Bag

      • Offwhite Sand Bag

        Offwhite Sand Bag

      • Red/Blue Aplicate Bag

        Red/Blue Aplicate Bag

      • Round grey bag

        Round grey bag

      • Brown round eco bag

        Brown round eco bag

      • Round Seablue Bag

        Round Seablue Bag



      • Customized jeans skirt (38)

        Customized jeans skirt (38)

      • Upcycled jeans-bag 2307

        Upcycled jeans-bag 2307

      • Upcyceld jeans fab bag

        Upcyceld jeans fab bag

      • Upcycled jeans skirt

        Upcycled jeans skirt

      • Brown ReFab necklace

        Brown ReFab necklace

      • Tie Dye lingerie skirt

        Tie Dye lingerie skirt

      • Unicps ReFab neckless

        Unicps ReFab neckless

      • Upcycled knitwear skirt

        Upcycled knitwear skirt

      • Tie-dyed jeans

        Tie-dyed jeans

      • Handpainted Jacket

        Handpainted Jacket



      • Vintage scarf buckle

        Vintage scarf buckle

        € 7.50



      • DIY care-bag workshop

        DIY care-bag workshop

      • Make your own bag

        Make your own bag

      • DIY jewel worskhop

        DIY jewel worskhop

      • Blue jeans workshop

        Blue jeans workshop

      • Print & Paint Workshop

        Print & Paint Workshop

      • Dye Workshop

        Dye Workshop



      • Styling advice

        Styling advice

      • Personal pieces

        Personal pieces

      • Hand-dyed fab.

        Hand-dyed fab.



      Conny: Vanmiddag het pakketje ontvangen, de rok is echt heel erg leuk.

      Amber: Love what you guys are doing!

      Rina: Ik wens u succes toe met u, in mijn ogen, zeer origineel & creatief bedrijf.

      Astrid: De Top is bezorgd. Het inkorten was een schot in de roos, daardoor zit ie suppermooi!

      Hermien: Ben zelf puur hobby-matig ook graag bezig met stoffen maar wat jullie doen is helemaal geweldig.


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